Project Folder Creation or Modification Request

Project Folder Request
You can only add users to a project folder that you own. If you want to be added to an existing project, please ask the owner of that project folder to fill out this form.

Personal Information

You need to be a member of the ILS Labs all users group to be able to login to the computers in the ILS Labs. If you are not yet a member of this group you may indicate that here. If you have already introduced yourself to the technical staff, we will probably have talked about this. If you do not know what any of this means, please read our introduction guide

Project Folder

You may give a suggestion for the name of the project folder here, but we cannot guarantee to use it. A project folder name must be descriptive of the research project it is for but may only contain letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. We may choose to change the name if it is e.g. not descriptive enough or if a project folder by that name already exists.

Users to add

Enter one or more users, apart from yourself, to add to this project folder
Enter the full name of the user you wish to add
Enter the Solis-ID of the user you wish to add. We need this information, because users are added to groups on the basis of their Solis-ID
Enter the e-mail address we may reach this user on if we encounter any issues
If you have any other comments, you may leave them here